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 The Sheridan Clan




Variations of the Name

Sheridan, OSiridean

Meaning of the Coat of Arms

Or (gold) is associated with the sun and represents Nobility, Wealth and Power. The lion represents strength, courage and majesty.
Vert (green) denotes Hope and Joy.

History of the Name

The Irish surname Sheridan originated in Granard, Co. Longford, where the family were Erenagh of Granard that is herlditary lay lords of the Church. This exhaulted position gave the family all the rights and favours granted to Church leaders at the time. The name was first recorded in Granard in the 8th century. From Granard the Sheridans spread throughout Ireland and indeed the world. Famous bearers of the surname include writers, poets, politicians, churchleaders, singers , sports people, actors and film directors.

Meaning of the Name

O Shiridean literally translates as decendants of Sheridan the meaning of which is uncertain.

About the Clan

The inaugural meeting to organise a Clan Gathering was held in the ancesteral home of the Sheridans - Granard, Co. Longford, Ireland in 1995. The aims of the Clan are to unite Sheridans so that they can gather in their place of origin, to collect and distribute information to members. To hold a Sheridan Clan Gathering on a regular basis and to promote Granard as tourist destination both nationally and internationally.

Contact Information in Ireland

Contact Person: Kay Sheridan Cassidy
Phone: +353-43-86178
Address: Ballinacross, Granard, Co. Longford.
E-mail: ocassidy@iol.ie

Contact Names in U.S.

David L. Sheridan
Address: 6505 Crysler Ct., Kansas City, MO 64133
E-mail: Email David 

Kate Sheridan Kilcoyne
Address: 4170 Chicago St., Omaha, N.E. 68131.
E-mail: Email Kate 

Contact Name in Australia

Gayle Clerke
Address: 86 Nordenfeldt Road, Cannon Hill, Queensland 4170.