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Clans of Longford

Farrell crestCounty Longford is known as ‘The Farrell County’, indicating the surname that is synonymous with it.  According to tradition, the Farrells trace their descent from ‘Feargal’, whose name signifies ‘valiant warrior’ and who fought at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. In the following century, the Farrells established themselves as lords of the territory known as Annaly.

In 1570, they submitted to Queen Elizabeth I of England and Annaly then became known as County Longford. By the 18th century, most branches of the Farrell family had lost their lands.

Quinn crest Another long-established surname in the county is Quinn, which originated from the personal name ‘Conn’. Other family names believed to have roots in Longford include Leavy/Levy, said to be connected with the Farrells; Gaynor, in the northern area.

Sheridan, on the border with Cavan. According to the 1901 census, the three most common surnames in Longford were Reilly/O’Reilly (374 households); Farrell and its variants (343 households); and Kiernan or McKiernan (175 households).

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