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Ark Energy

ARK Energy are a software development company working within the energy sector aiming to create accessible and reliable data retrieval and interpretation software for their clientele. They are part of Ark Energy Consulting, a privately owned company based in Genoa, Italy and specialise in the provision of consulting services to the Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) Sector, the function of which is the valuation of and risk calculation of energy trading transactions data.

The company was founded in 2010 as a consultancy practice providing IT services to ETRM clients. On the back of the knowledge and skills acquired during these consultancy sessions, the opportunity was seen to develop a new cloud-based SaaS option to compete with existing services.

Under the Succeed in Ireland Initiative, part of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs managed by the Industrial Development Authority and implemented by ConnectIreland, Ark Energy was able to expand its Italian operations overseas to a new location in Longford. Since their initial location, they have found it necessary to relocate to Longford’s N4 Axis Centre for more room.

In 2015, Ark were awarded funding from InterTrade Ireland, allowing them to begin development of a forecasting tool for predicting short-term wholesale prices on the Irish Single Electricity Market. This work was undertaken in conjunction with Ulster University and has added to their ARKive cloud based warehouse, the system used to manage and analyse market data which is held in the public domain.

ARK Energy,
Unit 20, Daingean Hall,
N4 Axis Centre,
Battery Road,
N39 W6K0,

Tel: 00353 83 143 2590 - E-mail: enquiries@ark-energy.ie - Website: www.ark-energy.eu