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Committees & Groups

Strategic Policy committees

Strategic Policy Committees were introduced as part of an ongoing process of local government reform and in keeping with the policy of broadening involvement in the local government through participation by community and sectoral interests. 

A full list of the membership of Committees of Longford County Council

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Joint Policing Committee

A Joint Policing Committee (JPC) is a body established under the Garda Siochana Act 2005 to serve as a forum where local authority representatives, Oireachtas members and community and voluntary interests, together with senior Garda Officers responsible for the policing of the area, can consult, discuss and make recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the area. Through the work of the JPC all parties have the opportunity to contribute to the improved safety and quality of life of the community. 

Membership of the Longford Joint Policing Committee

The Longford JPC has 27 members including:

  • 13 Elected members 
  • Oireachtas members
  • Local Authority officials (The Chief Executive and his/her nominee)
  • 2 Garda officers nominated by the Garda Commissioner
  • 6 Community/voluntary sector representatives

Cllr. Seamus Butler  was appointed Chairperson of the Longford JPC at the July 2019 Joint Policing Committee Meeting.

County Longford Public Participation Network

The County Longford Public Participation Network (PPN) is the main link through which Longford County Council and other decision making bodies connect with the community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors.

The main aim of the PPN is to allow the diversity of voices and interests to be facilitated and involved in the decision making process.

County Longford Public Participation Network website

Longford Sports Partnership

You Taking Part - More Opportunities, More Engagement, More Awareness

The key aim of the local sports partnerships is to increase participation in sport and physical recreation and ensure that local resources are used to best effect.

Longford Sports Partnership website 


This project was assisted by Longford Local Community Development Committee, Longford Community Resources Clg. and Longford County Council through the Rural Development Programme (LEADER) 2014-2020 which is part-financed by the EU, "The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas" and the Department of Rural & Community Development.       The European Commission.

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